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This blog serves as an archive of past LJ ICMezzo content--at least for now. I sincerely hope that I'll be back one day to read/write/post regularly about various fannish things once more. Until then, be well. xo

I am in the process of importing all of my LJ content into Dreamwidth. In the meantime, in addition to Dreamwidth, find me:(I will be deleting my LJ account in the near future. Apologies for the inconvenience.)
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Sapph and I are bringing out our multifandom holiday fic rec list once again this year.

It's a community-sourced rec list, so please, add your favorites! So many of us are reading in multiple fandoms these days, so I expect plenty of new fandoms to be added this year in addition to new stories and old favorites.

Submit your favorite holiday stories:

Find new holiday stories to read:

(Every now and then we go in and sort it nicely by alphabet and fandom for easy use and add new fandoms as needed.)

So, help us out and drop off new favorites as you enjoy some recs from others!

Happy holidays!
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Just an FYI for any of you who were looking for my fic: I’ve gotten past (and over, I suppose) the privacy incident from this summer, and my fic has been restored to my ICMezzo username in all places. You should be able to find links much more easily now, but if you continue to experience trouble and want some assistance, shoot me a message.

Thanks for your patience. I’m sorry there hasn’t been anything new from me lately, but I’m certain your inboxes are already full of new things to read this time of year. :)


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